Photo Courtesy Annalee Shelton

Hello Soupers,

The souping season is here. I can’t wait to share new ‘soup’er recipes with you. Soup E. Doup makes souping as easy as possible. We take the pressure off of you through adding little personal touches- providing shopping lists a day in advance to accommodate the lifestyles of busy soup enthusiasts, offering step-by-step instructional videos, and featuring fail-proof recipes.

Whether you are caught in a hurricane, an earthquake or a nor’easter (all of which were experienced in NJ this week), we realize that sometimes life can get in the way of soup. What happens when you just don’t have all the ingredients for the recipe? Before you throw in the ladle and order pizza, take your own stock. Ask yourself:

1. Do I have what I need for the basis of this soup (i.e. a way to make the stock, some of the veggies, etc.)? If your answer is no, look no further Domino’s is in your future.

2. Am I missing a couple of things? For example, I received an e-mail today from a fellow friend and souper Annalee Shelton. She was looking forward to the making Chicken Tortellini Soup, but in the process, she encountered a problem- she was missing tortellini. She did what any good souper should do in a soup crisis. She remained calm and looked for a ‘soup’stitution. Instead of tortellini, she used egg noodles pulled off a chicken noodle soup with a twist. (Pictured above).

3. Do I have additional ingredients? Use the recipes from this site as a guideline. You can always add other ingredients based upon your liking and what’s in your cabinet. In the process, if you do something fantastic, let me know about it. Send your recipe/photo and I will feature you on Soup E. Doup! Until then, happy souping!!



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