Soup, Soup E. Doup, Soup E. Doup E. Doup E.

Now I know what you are all thinking, “Why is this blog called Soup E. Doup?”

Before I answer, you need to go to a place that you haven’t been in quite a while.  Set your clocks back to 1994, what were you doing?  If you were like me, you were probably had pimples, looked even more awkward than you were, and served a side of attitude to your parents.  You spent your Friday nights going to teen night dances, where all the girls would be dancing on the gym floor and the guys would be running outside in the playground.  You would be at the mercy of your parents as they were the only set of wheels you had. that I think about it, maybe this brainstorm doesn’t evoke the fondest of memories.  However, one thing that should bring a smile to our faces is the music of the early ’90’s.  It is in this spirit that I will explain how the title for this blog came to be.  Quite coincidentally for this ‘souping blog’, the band Salt’N Pepa had a smash hit during that time called Shoop.  Although I have no technical definition for Shoop, after you listen to the song, you can probably surmise your own definition. The opening line of the song is simple and stuck with me for years and years, “Hey yeah, I want to Shoop, Baby.”

Fast forward back to 2010 when my souping craze started….the first song that popped into my head as I chopped up the ingredients was Shoop.  However, like most songs, I reworked the lyrics to fit my current activity.  All the sudden, I just couldn’t get, “Hey yeah, I want to Soup, Baby.  Soup Soup E. Doup, Soup E. Doup E. Doup E. Doup, Soup E. Doup…” out of my head.  It has since then become my soup anthem.  Although I don’t always blurt out this song prior to souping (as my husband would probably kill me), it always runs through my head.

And the souping adventure begins….

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