Confessions of an Avid Souper…

Hello Soupers,

I first would like to apologize for my lack of postings lately, but this souper has been ‘soup’er busy. Between my new job, juggling my other job, writing, traveling and running, I have had a pretty jam-packed schedule.

To celebrate all the good things that are going on lately, Joe and I took a trip up to Vermont this weekend. When we left last night, I must admit I did envision of a major Soupfest; however, I woke up today so tired that I just couldn’t pull it off. I started to feel a little guilty and also a little sad because no soup making also means no soup eating, which is of course, the best part of souping.

I decided that I wanted to get out in the fresh air so I took a walk to the local village here and poked around in a gourmet market. As I walked in, I saw what appeared to be two soup pots. However, I contained my excitement because I needed to go through the vetting process to: 1. Determine if soup was present. 2. Determine if the soup sounded appealing to me. 3. Determine if the soup was freshly made.

I started inquiring about the soups even though I was still feeling a little down about not making my own. The girl behind the counter let me take a look at each soup concoction as I asked my normal questions. She told me that she had made each soup this morning. I could see the same glimmer of pride in her face as I get when I soup. Before I made a commitment, we talked soups, our love for roots, and the how certain spices can make it break flavors. Through it, I came to the conclusion this was not her first Soup Rodeo. Although the soup may not be as good as mine, I needed to try.

So I did it. I bought someone else’s soup. I ate it and I enjoyed it. No soup is quite like your own, but in life you can’t always be the soup maker. Sometimes, you must be the soup taster and there is not reason to feel guilty or bad about it.

Stay tuned for two wonderful upcoming episodes: Greens and Beans Soup and Aunt Diane’s Chicken Tortellini, both guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Happy Souping!

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